Money Update

Honey Creekers,

The PTO is pleased to be able to provide a positive just-past-mid-year financial report.

Bagel Fridays is exceeding expectations, with income close to our projected goals and costs cut by 34%.

Community Rewards is approaching expectations, and SCRIP (traditional and online) has already exceeded our goals by almost 10%.

Box Tops has exceeded goals by 100%.

Special Fundraisers – including the Walk-N-Run-A-Thon, Learning Express, and Mabel’s Labels – have exceeded expectations by more than $2000. (California Pizza Kitchen is not yet officially included in those totals, but we expect a check for $465. The Phoenix Rising Gala, which is also put on by the PTO, falls under a different category; and it should not be included in this accounting.)

We still have $700 that was earmarked for Enrichment Themes/Special Projects.

Conservatively, as of mid-March, we have exceeded our goals by approximately $5000. With the $700 Special Projects funds and the California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser, we have approximately $6000 (rounding, and being conservative) to talk about.

How would you like to spend the money?



Come to the April PTO Meeting, on Friday, 4/04, to help us make the right decision.


More details:

  • A Technology Initiative would involve updating and/or replacement the laptops used by students. The school is currently investigating the most cost-efficient options.
  • Supporting the Foundation would involve a cash donation, which they would use at their discretion, with most of it going to the school’s General Fund.
  • Field trip transportation money would go towards bus rental, which is one of the main, non-negotiable costs for Honey Creek field trips. )
  • A Grant Writer might be able to find, apply for, and manage grants to support additional initiatives.




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