Welcome 2015-2016

Welcome & Announcements

Welcome (back) to school! The PTO is ready to get the year started. We have our first meeting on Friday, September 11th, from 8:30 – 10:30, in the Pit. (That’s the sunken room off of the main foyer.) Friday is also the first Bagel Day. Before you come to the PTO meeting, we hope you’ll stop by the Cafetorium to get bagels and catch up with friends. If Bagel Day is new to you, come check it out. It is a fundraiser and there is a recommended donation, but no one keeps track of who gives what– we’d rather see everyone there, having fun, than worry about who pays when.

We’ll make an Agenda for the meeting available soon. This is the meeting in which we’ll see the year’s Proposed Budget; and we’ll talk about several upcoming events, including the Middle School Dance, the Walk-N-Run-A-Thon, and the Fall Festival.

Thank you for all of the help planning, setting up, and cleaning up the Picnic. Last year’s experiment with signing up for events far in advance was more successful than not; so we will do it again. For many events, having early volunteers made planning much, much easier. Please help the planners out by signing up now (see below). We do need volunteers for the Middle School Dance, which is happening soon.

Finally, keep an eye on this website. We’ve updated Room Parent Lists, and we’ve been adding to the FAQs. If you see something that needs to be updated or added, please contact Catie (cgbwells@gmail).

Sign up for Events

The PTO sponsors several events during the school year– approximately one per month. In the past, we’ve asked families to sign up at the Welcome Back Picnic. Some people signed up, but many waited until just before the event. So, we sent you emails. Lots of emails.

This year, we’re asking you to sign up early. Go to our

Full-Year Event Sign-Up

and pick at least TWO events.

What are the events? Learn more on the Honey Creek website.

Apple Helpers

Traditionally, the Wellness Committee at Honey Creek has organized a schedule for parents — fondly known as the Apple Helpers — to help our youngest children with lunches. Help is needed from 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM for the first two weeks of school. Many children have never unpacked their own lunch bag, opened containers, etc., and it is very comforting to have a parent there to help in the first days.
We only need one person each day, so if you can be at school between 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM for even one day, it would be greatly appreciated. Please sign up at:

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