April PTO Minutes

The following are to be reviewed, and approved at the next PTO meeting May 13,2016 at 8:30 am in the PIT. Corrected 5/14/16.

Minutes of the Monthly meeting of the Honey Creek Community School PTO

Date: April 15, 2016

Location: hall conference room

Elka acted as chairperson, and Ann acted as secretary of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:25 am

The secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given and there was a quorum as represented by the following attendees:

Present in person:

Bruce Worden Elka Francisco Catie Wells
Alison Polidano Christine Kelley Mary Edlund
Tahnee Prokopaw Megan Masson-Minock Tammy Hall
Ann Kovacs Lara Thomas



The minutes were distributed at the meeting, in the meeting announcement and on the PTO website. A motion was made by Elka and seconded by Mary/Tahnee. Motion passed.

Director’s reports– Al was not available. Honey Bunches of Notes had a summary last week.

Teacher Liaison Report– Tammy Hall

  • Staff thanks PTO for supply checks. They were a welcome help to finish out the school year.

School Board Report– Christine Kelley

  • 2/3 teacher consultant Pat O’Connell and Judy Marks OT for special ED retiring and will be replaced. Art teacher Chris Bruxport was hired.
  • Special Education millage vote is May 3rd this is county wide vote if it passes. HC will get more reimbursement from WISD for special education services if this passes. HC has more kids with IEP’s this year and therefore using more funds for special education services. HC special education spending has gone up. We hire teacher consultants to assist with special education needs.
  • The school board is continuing to research the feasibility of a management company for after care and summer camp staff. They are running the numbers and asking if the WISD would support this position. This will save the school money and help the temporary staff by not having to pay into the teachers retirement system.
  • M-step may not be used by the state after this year.
  • The board is working on getting staff feedback on increasing class size to 20 students and will continue to discuss. State budget may allow for $120/ student more for charter schools next year..
  • 3 new board members: Matthias Kirsch, Bryan Cole, Andy Sheibar. Marketing and Branding committee was lead by Steve Rich who has stepped down from the board. Marketing materials are used to get students for future school year, grants, corporate sponsors if needed by the HC foundation and other groups needing info for grants. The board may combine some committees.

HC Foundation Report-note from Sarah Brintall

  • The Foundation is looking for 4 people to join
  • Spring technology campaign will be announced next week.

PTO Committee Reports

  • Wellness: Megan Masson-Minock reported the Conscious Discipline parenting classes wrapped up last night. The wellness committee plans to buy some materials to keep at the HC library for parents to use. 15-20 families participated overall during the 6 classes. Farm to school continues. Eye testing went well. Green house committee HC parents and High point teachers to use more and maintain. Grant $2000 helping to sustain this practice. Next wellness meeting Tues April 19th 8:15 in the PIT.
  • STEM: Tahnee Prokopow reported the Stem fair will be Tuesday April 26th 3:30- 6pm featuring AAHOM wind energy event, small multi theme table projects, and student projects (which will be reviewed between 4pm-5pm) in the cafetorium. Volunteers are needed for 1-7 pm sign up genius has been sent out. Students are encouraged to come with their parents even if they don’t have a project.
  • Arts: Bruce Worden reported the talent show/dinner went well 8th grade trip profits $1713 ad revenue $805 still waiting on some ad revenue to come in. Arts committee is prepared to assist Christine, the new art teacher, with supplies she need for organizing her mobile Art cart. Working on a “lunch with an expert” series.
  • Literacy: Tammy Hall reported used book sale will be held in the spring. There is a bin by A4 near the centrum to donate books for the sale. Katie Kramp will be organizing the sale. Older grade books are helpful ( middle school level). The Literacy committee is discussing a summer reading blog idea to keep kids excited about reading. Parents can go to their local library and go to bag sale or books for sale for older readers for donation to the sale.
  • Room Parents – Lara Thomas reported she is looking for Fall 2016 room parents. She will let current room parents know about PTO activity planned for teacher appreciation week. Elka and Lara will communicate about the schedule. Lara and Liz Scott set up supply drive for the fall 2015 and would like to do it again next school year. It was helpful to the teachers. Discussion of donations and potluck guidelines. Big events and information on the google drive. MS room parents will be discussing graduation dance plans. This is a pay it forward event so eighth grade parent can enjoy graduation activities.

Other Items:

21st anniversary update from Tammy Hall. Erin Peterson, Shellee, and Tammy are the 3 remaining members from the original 5 member committee. 230 people registered so far. Entertainment- music; Krystine Cole is creating games for the kids; Marta is organizing kids craft, and a share your story activity is planned. The second spirit wear order made $1700. Sprit wear is not being offered at the event. PLEASE REGISTER for the event at  http://party.honeycreekschool.org/

The event is Saturday  May 21, 2016 1-4 pm.

Action items:

  • PE play day, PTO provides popsicles. Traditionally wellness supplies them talk with Julie De Jong
  • CPK fundraiser raised  $406 in food sales, $102 gift cards
  • HBON written by PTO combine info from all committees

Completed events:

March 11th Talent night

March 16th and April 13th Conscious Discipline parenting class

March 18th and 25th Teacher Pot Lucks

Upcoming Events:

April 22nd Earth Day

April 26th STEM FAIR 3:30-6 pm

May 2nd-5th Teacher Appreciation Week

With no further business a motion was made by Elka at 9:57 to adjourn the meeting. Mary Edlund seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 9:57 am.

Please join us for the next meeting on May 13th at 8:30 am in the PIT.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Kovacs

PTO secretary


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