California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser

Join us at California Pizza Kitchen Dec-12-14 between 11 am-9 pm at the Briarwood Mall location. Bring the flier below and CPK will donate 20% of your purchase to support Honey Creek.


Also, you can add to the percentage by buying scrip cards:

This year, CPK had us set up a unique URL through which we will order SCRIP cards.  Then link will be active from December 5 to December 20.  You MUST use the link below in order for Honey Creek to receive the 10% back.

If you plan to eat at CPK during the in store part of the fundraiser (12/12-12/14), think about ordering SCRIP to take with you.  When you order online, you can choose whether you would like an ecard on your device or a physical card mailed to your home.

As an added incentive, CPK currently has a promotion – buy $100, get $20 free!

-Hope to see you next week! Ann


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