March PTO minutes

These minutes will be reviewed and approved at the next PTO meeting April 14, 2017. Please leave any comments below the post or email me at

March Minutes of the Monthly meeting of the Honey Creek Community School PTO

Date March 10, 2017

Location: Pit

Alison acted as chairperson, and Ann acted as secretary of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:26 am

The secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given and there was a quorum as represented by the following attendees:

Present in person:

Sherry MacKay Julie De Jong Illia Mantle  
Lara Thomas Sharon Maccini Eric Moore  
Al Waters Abby Adams    
Ann Kovacs Mary Edlund    


The minutes were distributed at the meeting, in the meeting announcement and on the PTO website. A motion was made by Allison and seconded by Mary. Motion passed.

Director’s reports- Al Waters

  • Discussion/proposal to use WNRAT funds for library shelves to replace failing shelves, and Ellison Dies to support the geometry curriculum across the school grades. Al has submitted a proposal with the shelves and dies with costs included. If total is more than available some of the order can be adjusted. All in attendance agreed with the proposal.
  • School Board approved raises 5 % for most, new faculty 2%. HC Fund balance will be 10-11% by end of school year. Other Michigan schools average 8-9 % fund balance. HC school board is looking to set aside $25,000 to get a person to establish large grant asks to bring more money into the school now to get funds committed to the school. The board is looking into to bring on a principal to take on administrative role and learn the school before Al retires, this will help with continuity. Community input is welcome.
  • Working on calendar for 2017-18, fewer half days are planned. With the state mandating certain hours in classroom and days of attendance schedule changes are difficult. We have to coordinate with High Point, HP buses and start time. We have enough in classroom hours required by the state adding days also increase class hours. The school board discussed an idea to end school day at 2:15 on Fridays (1 hour early). Community input would be appreciated. High point buses come at 2:30 so work would be needed to be done to coordinate an early dismissal.
  • HC Foundation met this week. Total family participation in the foundation is down; the number of monthly donors is up, ultimately revenue is up. 40% of families are participating in foundation donations.
  • Greenhouse updates to occur in June of this year. An Eagle Scout project will be to update the greenhouse, install wheelchair height tables, add a watering system, and clear out unused items. Al recommended the purchase a shed next to the outdoor science cabinet to keep tools in for the summer garden to make access easier .Wellness will looking into purchasing cabinet. Discussion of greenhouse key and possibility it can be locked in the shed that is purchased to give access when needed. For harvested food that is not taken: Food gatherers will take extra food. Girl scouts may be able to assist in summer garden caretaking. MS may be able to work with HP buddy in the greenhouse for watering seeds if no one is able to do this. Al will ask k1, 2-3 who usually plant seeds and will contact Tom Kovacs if K/1, 2/3 classes will assist in seed starting and watering in the greenhouse before the Spring clean-up in early April.


  • PTO budget seems stable. Requests made by Joe in MS to assist with $50-100 for sign making supplies for their trip to Washington, DC. Al requested the use of WNRAT funds of up to $6500 for the library shelves, and math dies for all grade levels. We are waiting to find out how much expense there is for medals and t-shirts from the (WNRAT) walk and run a thon money. It seems that most of the total requested by the school can be obtained within the funds raise by kids at the walk and run a thon in September.

Teacher Liaison Report– no report

School Board Report– see Al’s report above

HC Foundation Report– see Al’s report above

PTO Committee Reports:

  • Wellness: Julie De Jong reported. Tom Kovacs ( will continue the edible garden program this year. He will be looking for help for planting, spring clean up, and caretaking. April 24th parent screening of webinar on “screen time on kids brains”, 6-8 pm in the cafeteria childcare will be provided. More information to come. Grace Kotre continues mindfulness training on k-1 and has been well received. Looking to expand next school year to other classes.
  • STEM: Sherry MacKay discussed linking fall festival and stem fair or talent night and stem fair to combine events. Sherry is organizing how to coordinate the care and use of the trebuchet with Bruce Worden in the future. Cheryl and Jon have given feedback about the benefit of Stem fair. Allison praised the STEM fair this year. Ilia expressed concerned that the STEM committee has had less participation and feels the STEM fair should continue. Less than 30 projects were submitted, most from K-1 and 4/5 levels. Still considering MS STEM club afterschool, not enough participants this year. Sherry suggested a need for a group of people to make event posters for all activities to help event organizers. Discussion of moving STEM fair within fall festival. Sherry will contact Wellness committee. Ann will provide assist as needed and send copy of fall festival documents to Sherry.
  • Arts: Eric Moore reported. Performers are set for Talent show March 24th, 5-8 pm. There will be 30 acts. Programs are being worked on, more sponsors are needed, and shout outs from parents are $5. Meal before the talent show will occur. $8 meal cost. Raises money for the 8th grade trip. Volunteers are still needed. Art show is also occurring during the talent night. Talent show person needed for next year as Eric will not be in the school. This is run as a MS life skills class to produce the show.
  • Literacy: No report.
  • Room Parents –Lara Thomas. Discussion of some classrooms getting together with parents and students to get to know them better. This may be a new way to get to know families if we do not do grade level potlucks next school year. Communicating the PTO needs through the room parents to help with recruitment of PTO positions.
  • Earth Day : Spirit of Alexandria grant won by STEM committee but the activity had to be rescheduled from the STEM fair. Topic: Birds of prey from the Howell Nature Center. Maybe this could be the earth day assembly? Sherry MacKay to contact Jody and/Catherine. Catherine Marquart with Jody Klein will coordinate earth day activities following a similar format from previous years. Earth day 4/21/17. Assistance will be needed.

Completed events:

2/24 STEM fair

Upcoming Events:

3/10 and 3/17 teacher potlucks

3/17-19 CPK fundraiser (see email)

3/24 Talent Show/ Art show/Dinner

4/21 Earth Day Celebration

No further business was brought forward. The meeting was adjourned at    10:05     am. Alison motioned and Mary seconded. The next meeting will occur April 14th at 8:30 am in the Pit.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Kovacs

PTO Secretary


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