May 2017 PTO Minutes

The following meeting minutes were taken at the May 12th meeting and will be approved at the next meeting on June 9th.

May Minutes of the Monthly meeting of the Honey Creek Community School PTO

Date 5/12/17

Location: Pit

Alison acted as chairperson, and Julie acted as secretary of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at   _8:35__am

The secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given and there was a quorum as represented by the following attendees:

Present in person:

Alison Polidano Jeannie Crayne    
Sharon Maccini Lara Thomas    
Sherry MacKay Abby Adams    
Julie de Jong      



The minutes were distributed at the meeting, in the meeting announcement and on the PTO website. A motion was made by _Julie de Jong____ and seconded by _Alison Polidano. Motion passed.

Director’s reports– Al Waters absent, no update

School Board Report– No representatives present, no update

HC Foundation Report– No representatives present, no update

Discussion: Teacher appreciation week/open positions on PTO

Teacher Appreciation Week: The week went very well. Jeannie noted that emails to each group were much appreciated and that staff members in all groups felt adequately represented.  There was some discussion about how to demonstrate appreciation toward the administration, although not necessarily during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Open Roles: The PTO open role document is working well as an interactive document and some people have signed up for jobs. The PTO will continue to evolve the document to include when events take place, who to contact, where materials are located. Lara will have a hardcopy of the spreadsheet of open roles when she is collecting end-of-year donations at Bagel Friday.

PTO closet:  Discussion about state of the closet; Melissa reports missing juice boxes. There was some discussion of a locked cabinet within the PTO closet for PTO-specific supplies. It was noted that there are a lot of theater supplies currently in the closet as well, and PTO will check in with Ashley to see if some materials could be stored on stage. Alison will check with Al about moving other event-specific supplies (e.g., graduation supplies) to the cabinets in the Pit.

High Point/Honey Creek Communication: There was discussion about how to promote more awareness of the High Point Fun Run for next year.  Lara noted that there is more awareness at the Middle School level, but teachers would like more bridge building between the two communities.

Facebook Groups: There are currently two somewhat active FB group; Honey Creek Gatherings and Honey Creek PTO. There was discussion about whether the HC PTO should be deleted, and what efforts we can make to publicize the FB groups with new families. Julie will talk with Karen H. or Paully about the Gatherings group and whether they would be open to adding more moderators and maintaining only one group.

Teacher Liaison Report: Jeannie Crayne

Teacher appreciation lunch was very much appreciated. The format was very nice.

Teachers want to be sure to consider how to include High Point teachers in luncheon next year; communication ongoing so that there is better coordination with HC/HP.

If there is anything the teachers can do to make the potential 2PM Friday dismissal go smoother with parents, let them know.

Teachers would like more Chrome books at the beginning of the year for next year, using the money from the Fall 2017 Fun Run. The recent mandated testing underlined the need for additional equipment.

Budget: no update.

Jeannie noted the potential fundraising idea of partnering with a car dealership to test-drive cars on-site. Saline School District held a similar fundraiser, where one person per household could test drive a car and the dealership gives the school $20 for test drive.

PTO Committee Reports :

  • Wellness: The Mindfulness Pilot in K/1, led by Grace Kotre, continues to go well. She submitted an external proposal for grant money to train teachers in Mindfulness this past month. Regardless of proposal’s success, she is in discussions with 2/3 teachers about working in the 2/3 classrooms next year. Lara expressed interest in bringing it to the Middle School level as well, and will begin informal discussions with the teachers. The Edible garden is going well. Maturation bags were distributed to the 4/5 students on May 12. The committee will provide snacks/water for PE Play day. At the next meeting, discussions will take place on how the committee can support health in the building after this year’s outbreaks of norovirus and lice. Lara noted the letter from Al about illness and keeping kids home, while recognizing that it is a hardship for some families. At the same time, we have to balance this message with the message that the new WISD policy sends on absence. This needs to be an ongoing community discussion. Members of the committee have attended the mandated ISD Wellness Committee Meetings along with Al and Kristyne, and will be creating a one page handout for healthy, no nut snacks.
  • STEM: The Fall STEM Festival will be on Oct. 20, and an associated committee will be starting up soon. There has been discussion with Chris from Fine Arts about coordination with STEM and whether the two committees should be combined into a STEAM committee.  Each committee is having one more meeting separately, and then will be voting on whether they will merge. STEM is hoping to expand the trebuchet committee so that instructions and location of materials are better documented. Julie will check with Al on possible options for space for trebuchet supplies. STEM continues to have discussion about how to have WESO and other STEM events be more appealing to older kids. Bruce is coordinating Lunch with an Expert starting up in the fall next year, and Fine Arts and Wellness have committed to contributing to this effort.
  • Arts (email from Chris Untalan): The arts committee met end of April and talked about the talent show and how we’d like to move forward as no one yet has volunteered to take over the life skills class. We are planning on (in the short term) a poster campaign to post around school which would read, “help save talent night”. We know that the community really likes talent night, and hopefully if there’s pressure that it might not continue someone might step up. The total door proceeds were around $1700.00. Ad sponsors totaled around $1200. Our total expenses came in around $1300-$1400; the largest of which was food (~$800). We have decided that the dinner would not be a necessary component to include in the future if there’s lack of volunteers to take over that life skills class. We thought to have instead a confession booth, organized by one of our after school groups (field hockey, cross country, girl scouts etc) and proceeds from confessions could help with the fundraiser. Also, since there wouldn’t be an official dinner we could lower the ticket price to $5 from $8.
  • Literacy (email from Karen Larson): The Literacy Committee is looking forward to having Nicola’s at curriculum celebration. We get 20% of purchases back as a book credit for the library. We also benefit from in store and online sales that weekend. The previous Nicola’s fundraiser allowed new books to be purchased for  the media center with input from the teachers. A huge thanks to Katy Kramp and Meagen Kucaj for the many hours they have spent this year volunteering in the media center. Instead of a used book sale, we are having a book swap. There is a collection box in the lobby for gently used books. The swap will be in June.
  • Room Parents and End of Year Donations: Lara talked to Sandy Little. In order to collect money, get Scrip certificates, and give teachers the opportunity to use the before the end of the year, Lara will be collecting money at bagel day on May 19, May 26, June 2. Teachers will be able to redeem cards June 5 – 9. Lara will be collecting for everyone.  Lara noted we have always collected donations for Karen, last year was the first time we collected for Al/Shellee because of parent request. Further discussion need about plans to recognize them at the end of the year. Room parents are encouraged to use PayPal account for classroom donations. Also discussed was the idea of one PTO PayPal account, with different note lines for money to be allocated to specific people/groups.
  • Bagel Friday: Note to Melissa about possible PayPal account for Friday bagels.
  • 8th grade trip and gift: The trip budget should be presented to the PTO before implementation. Sherry will start an email chain about this. Also discussed was the 8th grade class gift back to school and increased transparency about donations.

Charter Advocates/MAPSA letter writing campaign: Not discussed

Upcoming Events: Sharon sent out a Sign-up Genius for Graduation.

No further business was brought forward. The meeting was adjourned at    10:05         am.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie De Jong on behalf of Ann Kovacs, PTO Secretary


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