October PTO meeting minutes

The minutes below will be reviewed and approved at the next PTO meeting on November 10th.

Minutes of the Monthly meeting of the Honey Creek Community School PTO

Date 10/6/17

Location: Pit

Alison acted as chairperson, and Julie acted as secretary of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at   _2:27 __pm

The secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given and there was a quorum as represented by the following attendees:

Present in person:

Barnnaby Pung Shawnda Nichols Al Waters
Garry Klink Janet Nichols
Jeannie Crayne Alison Polidano
Julie DeJong Ann Kovacs



The minutes were distributed at the meeting, in the meeting announcement and on the PTO website. A motion to approve was made by Julie and seconded by Ann. Minutes approved.

Director’s reports– Al Waters

Remarks on tardy policy to be in HBON to be sent out soon. Attendance policy has been effective. Instructional time has been gained 20 min a day which is important. A few families have spoken with Al about the 8 am start time/tardy policy. Al is working on communication with teachers and families. K1 classrooms are open by 7:50 am so kids can ease into drop off and be ready to go by 8 am.

Alison had asked for a phone in the PIT to be used for remote meeting participation. Phone jack in PIT is analog. Phone jack would need to be changed to digital/VOIP and we need a quote to get speaker phone for meetings. Al will check with Jessica to see if we can have reliable access to wireless for meeting as an alternative after the upgrades this year.

Library shelves are being delivered this week and next week. Invoice for the first set was given to Janet. This was from WNRAT funds last school year. The Ellison Die sets that were part of the request last year were misquoted and are a higher in price than expected. A reduce amount may be purchased. PTO’s goal is to have items purchased and paid for in the budget year it occurs not the following year.

Al and others have been working with an architecture group on storage and classrooms for the B wing space being vacated by the beauty school that will be reviewed in the near future.

Friday dismissal time is tight release time: High Point Buses come at 2:25pm we are doing well. Kids need to be picked up right away in the line or parents need to park while kids play outside so buses can pull in for the High Point students.

School Board Report– Barnaby reported the retreat occurred for annual plan. Draft was created and will be finalized next meeting. Teacher, funds, and culture thru supportive administration summarize the goals set. Grant regulations limit what HC qualifies for. Megan Rogers is forming good relationships in the community. Many need based Education grants are available with high rates of free and reduced lunch student. We don’t qualify for those grants (only 5 % HC students qualify for reduced lunch). If the HC community knows of opportunities for additional funding let Megan know.

HC Foundation Report– Foundation wants to acknowledge and thank all of the Honey Creek families who provide sustainable support to our school through their Foundation donations. Fall campaign will be sent out to the community via email in the next two weeks. Foundation communications, donations and ACH forms may be dropped off in the locked Foundation mailbox in the Honey Creek office on the sign in table. Any changes to current monthly donations must be made in writing and sent to: donations@honeycreekfoundation.org. Next meeting Monday, November 6th, 6:00-7:30pm. Please reach out for more information at: info@honeycreekfoundation.org.

Teacher Liaison Report: Teachers would like a way to contain water bottles brought to gym i.e. a Crate on wheels to support water bottles: 13 crates/ dolly with crate needed for each class for PE. Scholastic book fair may be beneficial to have in house. Discussion of longevity of scholastic product (3rd tier printing) may not last long as compared to local book store ( first tier printing). Use” hccs all “ email in the beginning of the year or end of summer until class lists are available the first week of school.

Budget: Discussion of purchases that are carry over from last year (library shelving, wellness funds) and how moving forward budgets spending needs to be in the same budget year. A lot of money requests for PTO funds ( field trips, Cross Country uniforms, Girls on the run site leader, and other requests)have been received. Discussion of going back to GOTR to fundraise part of the request like was asked for XC uniforms.  Note to make a line item in budget for next year. Cross Country team raised $165 toward uniforms. PTO to cover the remainder $454. PTO Account bottom line is ~$34,000 before money is paid out for library shelving/Ellison Dies ( ~8-10,000 approved from last year). Working to reduce account bottom line without putting Scrip, bagels, other operating expenses in jeopardy.

Budget comments reviewed. Final budget discussed. A motion to approve budget was offered by Alison with a second by Julie. Budget passed.

Discussion: air and pool chlorine levels discussed based on a concern brought forth. Pool is in compliance and records are available. WISD is not looking in to changing the pool into saltwater pool at this time per Al. A saltwater system has a more difficult shock process in the event of accidents in the pool. All systems and all piping will need to be changed to accommodate a saltwater system. WISD does have a maintenance/replace plan every 15 years or so and Al does not know when it is next scheduled. YMCA went to a lower chlorine system with UV pool system for sanitation per Alison based on recent research.

PTO Committee Reports :

  • Wellness: trebuchet stewardship will be transferred from Bruce Worden to Laurens De Jong hoping for storage location to keep all parts in one location. Fall festival Menu should be out this weekend once finalized. Garden group is meeting next week (willows, compost bin, trails) “B- green” would have a large order to discount plate, cups, napkins ( harvest dinner and teacher potlucks). Julie will contact Marolyn re: upcoming potluck.
  • STEM: Fall STEM festival coordination continues. Volunteer recruitment begins this weekend. Coordination with STEM and edible garden team on STEM ideas. Interested in looking into HC having a Green school designation. Al noted this was brought up in the past and dropped because the power lines for the school are shared with WISD, Gretchen’s House, Beauty school and all parties had to be part of this designation to proceed and it became too cumbersome to coordinated all parties/buildings.
  • Arts : On track with tasks. Lunch with an expert is being coordinated by Bruce Worden . Group plans to meet with Garry Klink new music teacher to assist in needs. Bruce is coordinating 4/5 field trip UM art museum this fall.
  • Literacy : Nicola’s book store fundraiser 11/15-20 2017.Mention HC and a percentage of purchase will be donated to school to purchase books for the library. This was successful last year.
  • Room Parents : All room parents have been lined up for each of the classrooms and in most cases there is more than one room parent for each classroom. There have been some social events at the K-5 level that are lower key then the past potlucks but still a great opportunity to meet families. The Middle School dance has been changed to November 3rd. A general reminder to families is that if they are not receiving class news, then they should go back and look for the email from Jessica that came out about how to sign up for your class list or remove yourself if you are no longer in that class/grade level.
  • Upcoming Events: Fall Stem festival/ Harvest dinner Friday, October 20

No further business was brought forward. The meeting was adjourned at     3:39pm. The next PTO meeting will be held November 10 at 2:15 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Kovacs

PTO Secretary


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