February PTO minutes

Please note the minutes were updated before approval at the March, 9  2018 PTO meeting. Please note the School board report at the end of the first bullet point.

Minutes of the Monthly meeting of the Honey Creek Community School PTO

Date Feb 23, 2018 rescheduled from 2/9/18

Location: Pit

Alison acted as chairperson, and Ann acted as secretary of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at   8:03___am

The secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given and there was a quorum as represented by the following attendees:

Present in person:

Chris Untalan Ann Kovacs Andrew Banas
Carla Devries Megan Rogers Sherry MacKay
Abby Adams Marolyn Valenzuela Janet Nichols
Alison Polidano Al Waters



The minutes were distributed at the meeting, in the meeting announcement and on the PTO website. A motion was made by Alison and seconded by Chris to approve the minutes. Motion passed.


  • Co Chair: Nominate Carla Devries for Co-chair to focus on PTO fundraiser s. Attendees voted and approved Carla as co-chair. Thank you Carla!
  • Scrip: Sandi needs an assistant for scrip now to assist with figuring out Paypal as a payment source or other electronic payment. Pay pal is challenging to figure out fees as the PTO gets charged fees for people using it with credit card and debit card. Fees at are still uncertain and need to be investigated. Parents have indicated they would like pay pal for transaction. A second person would help with figuring out pay pal then take over as early as next year. Sandi will need a replacement as scrip coordinator.
  • Need PTO secretary to take over for Ann. Brief discussion of duties, monthly meeting minutes, website/email updates to parents.
  • Brief discussion of Hat fundraiser brought forth by a parent. Due to not having meetings in 2 months this may be beneficial for next fall/winter. Abby would be willing to look into it during sprit wear sales. Alison mentioned Honey Creek magnets would also be nice to have.

Director’s reports– Al Waters

  • Air quality issues reported in 2 classes in A wing have been reported to administration with complaints of dizziness, sore throat, and odors that appear and disappear throughout the day. The WISD had an outside company take samples several times over several days with no abnormal results. The company then sent out canisters to take 24 hour samples which are out for diagnostics (takes 2 weeks for results).
  • School safety: Al will have meeting with WISD representatives to discuss building safety. Al will have a meeting for parents/staff/others after he meets with WISD. In the meantime, if we all use the front door access to the school will be able to be monitored better.
  • Question brought forth by a parent about expanding/replicating. Last year WISD did not want to move forward in increasing charter numbers in the county. Al met with WISD and EMU re: replication but EMU has not authorized a charter in several years so it is not likely to move forward at this time.
  • Building update: Anticipate in B wing 2 science classrooms will be constructed, HC classrooms and media center will likely be out of C wing and be moved. HC will end up with more space which will eventually increase rent. Construction is pending budget approval, building upgrade needs and WISD. This is a long term plan over 4-5 years.
  • HC website: Partnered with a website group/ organization the WISD uses to review school website to keep ACA compliant. This was no cost the school. Discussion of HC PTO website and whether or not to move toward a Facebook group tab and google drive for activity records for parents vs a public website which we do not have a way to keep up to date. Info on PTO website will need to be archived so future families have access to the history of the PTO/school.
  • Terra Nova scores back and will be sent soon. Results will be/have been sent home with K-5, MS families will be asked to pick up results.
  • Water cooler has finally been installed in the cafeteria. Al will get the invoice to PTO once received. A breakdown of the where the money came from to inform families and thank contributors. 2 years of eighth grade class gifts (class of 2016 and 2017) plus walk and run a thon money from Fall 2017 paid for the water cooler/bottle filler. PTO might be able to purchase slip resistant stool for younger students. The height of the water pipes dictated the height of installation.

School Board Report– Per Al Waters:

  • Budget was approved, supported hiring a full time principal. Open position to be posted as it is approved by the governance committee. Questions brought forth re: job descriptions of administrators and this new position. The information for current staff is available; the principal position description will be created. The principal position would be permanent in addition to executive director position so that duties are spread out and the principal can be available for curriculum support for the teachers. There were questions from a parent about the impact hiring a permanent principal position would have on the fund balance. Al reported that the additional administrator will bring the fund balance to around 9%, which he reported is about half of where it historically has been.
  • Questions re: Megan Rogers development position progress and funding. Al suggested review of board notes 1-2 months ago for her review. Board recommended continuing for 6 months until June then reviewing again.
  • Board is looking into contracting with and organization that will assist in writing/updating our board/school policies. The company works with charter schools. ~$6000 initial fee then ~$2000 yearly for updates. Our policies were written 10 years ago and have been modified but the document is 900 pages long so this would be a comprehensive review/update. It would be helpful to have a standard format and this company would update as regulations change.

HC Foundation Report– Justin Adams message: Foundation plans to give school $40,000 to the school from family donations raised.

Teacher Liaison Report: No specific report. Appreciation card received to the PTO from teachers and staff.

Budget: Janet present. Budget on task with scrip, bagels sales. Craft fair did very well $1800 raised. Box tops did well $233 raised so far. Together club student group that invites kids who feel excluded during recess to play is asking for $ 400 for recess equipment. Members discussed equipment needs for all classes/aftercare as we had obtained equipment several years ago and many playground balls were replaced last year. Al will do inventory with teachers and get back to PTO on the status and storage of playground equipment. Discussed families donating items they have at home of what is needed. PTO may be able to purchase cabinet for storage of materials.

PTO Committee Reports:

  • Wellness: no specific report. Email re: Earth Day: 4/20 compressed schedule due to 2:10 dismissal, theme is Composting this year. Possible assembly with ecology Center. Stations, path maintenance, possible building of new compost bins. Discussion will be had with staff re: use of compost bins and locations.
  • STEM: Sherry MacKay will be meeting with fine arts. Possible request for Stem projects to be shown on Talent night in March.
  • Arts : Chris Untalan reported. Preparations for talent night are going well. Life skills class going well. No dinner component this year. Door fee donations $~5-8. Maybe concessions would be offered. Proceeds go to 8th grade trip previous years money raised helped pay for charter bus to the trip. Show is March 16th 5-8:30 pm
  • Literacy : no report
  • Room Parents: Abby is learning more about teacher appreciation/ end of year collection. Discussion of whether there is a graduation lead organizer. We need to look at the sign up document as several members think someone has stepped up and signed up on the beginning of the school sign up document .  Looking into spring: room parents would like to do a parent /child gathering and a parent’s only social activity.
  • Discussion brought forth by a parent re: starting a group of parents to discuss the safety issues and concerns to discuss and consolidate comments to Al and administration re: students, parents and safety concerns.

Upcoming Events:               Talent Show: March 16 th, 5-8:30pm

Earth Day Celebration:  April 20th, during school day

No further business was brought forward. Alison motioned to adjourn the meeting, Chris seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at    9:40     am.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Kovacs

PTO Secretary


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