March PTO minutes

Minutes will be reviewed and approved at the next PTO meeting

Minutes of the Monthly meeting of the Honey Creek Community School PTO

Date: 3/9/18

Location: office conference room

Alison acted as chairperson, and Ann acted as secretary of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at   231 pm

The secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given and there was a quorum as represented by the following attendees:

Present in person:

Jeannie Crayne Ann Kovacs    
Alison Polidano Andrea Hayes    
Megan Rodgers Anne Heaton    
Melanie Hagan      



The minutes were distributed at the meeting, in the meeting announcement and on the PTO website. A motion was made by Alison and seconded by Andrea to approve February minutes with corrections (bolded in print and on website). Motion passed.

Director’s reports– Al Waters unable to report. Several parents are working with him on air quality issues in the building per Alison and Megan.

School Board Report– Melanie Hagan reported a search committee will be starting to for the principal position approved by the school board that was reported at the last PTO meeting: There will be  6 people on the committee: Al, Shellee, a board sustainability committee representative, a board governance committee  representative, the faculty liaison- Mary and a parent.  The position will be posted. Additionally, the School board is looking for additional parent to fill 1 vacancy. Elections will be in the spring watch for information on becoming part of the school board.

HC Foundation Report– Melanie Hagan reported HC Foundation is looking for more board members, current board member who is the treasurer will not be returning. Anyone interested in fundraising and school financial sustainability who may want to fill this role  can email the foundation at:   Website for additional information:


  • Brainstorming on volunteer and recruitment. It was brought up that some parents may not be aware as to the expectation of needs of the PTO , school board, and HC foundation. Family involvement has waned over the past few years in the PTO and classroom.  How do we get the information to the parents in a more concise in hopes of getting people to fill vital rolls? We may combine upcoming emails with foundation and school board positions available.  Megan to bring up to school board communications meeting next week.
  • Due to the inability to keep the PTO website updated with current information we may be phasing out website to a facebook type tab/group linked in the schools website. The history of Honey Creek and Volunteerism of the PTO on the website will need to be saved/moved. Who can do this?
  • Previous discussion about hat fundraiser was postponed. Would this be a fundraiser for the PTO or added to the Sprit wear sale? The spirit wear sale done yearly money raised has been donated to the HC Foundation.
  • Budget and fundraising: discussed the teachers gift of $10,000 this year. The PTO gift this year was well received/appreciated and allowed teachers to get things for the classrooms that they wanted. Should the PTO focus on a larger yearly gift instead of previous supply checks and daily tokens on teacher appreciation week? Discussion with Jeannie re: teachers and classroom requests made to their class specific parents. Jeannie discussed teachers might get a better response from all families if the PTO sent out requests. The request would go out to school list to get wider notification. Megan Rodgers is creating a “wish list” for teachers and staff as she is working on external funding. She would like to work with PTO to help with funding specific projects for next budget year based on wish lists of staff.

Teacher Liaison Report: Jeannie Crayne wanted to know if the money received earlier in the year had to be spent by a certain time.  Alison reported that the PTO gave Shellee the main check which was then dispersed to the staff. Alison noted Sandi is having difficulty with obtaining scrip help and her new job demands. Alison asked Jeannie to ask the teachers if Scrip was suspended what would the teachers/staff think?

Budget: scrip deposits have been really small. Alison wants to look at scrip this summer and whether it is a viable program to continue when Sandi is not able to continue to coordinate. Jeannie was wondering if it would be able to be done on a rotating basis with classes. This is not feasible due to inventory and tracking money. If Scrip were suspended this may open opportunity to increase funding for a different avenue to another funding source for the PTO.

PTO Committee Reports :

  • Wellness: no report
  • STEM: stem projects submitted for talent show. Still interested in creating school safety parent committee
  • Arts : talent show 3/16/18 with art fair and stem project displays
  • Literacy : Author of Treehouse story series Andy Griffiths will be at Nicola’s books at 11 am on Sat 3/17. If 10 kids from HC attend we could receive 4 books from the publisher for the Media Center
  • Room Parents : Discuss with room parent coordinators and Sandi if scrip was suspended what would that mean for teachers gifts at the holidays and end of school year.


Upcoming Events:

Talent Show 3/16/18 5pm for art and stem exhibits, 6 pm talent show

Teachers Potlucks: April 6 and April 13 for Conferences and May 18 Curriculum night

Earth Day Celebration: April 20

No further business was brought forward. The meeting was adjourned at        338     pm. Alison motioned and Andrea seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Kovacs

PTO Secretary


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