June PTO Minutes

Please note the following minutes will be reviewed and approved at the next PTO meeting in September 2018.

June 2018 Minutes of the Monthly meeting of the Honey Creek Community School PTO

Date June 8, 2018

Location: Pit

Alison acted as chairperson, and Ann acted as secretary of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at 2:23pm

The secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given and there was a quorum as represented by the following attendees:

Present in person:

Andy Sheibar Sherry McKay Julie De Jong Al Waters
Justin Adams Angie Tracey Fernada Cross Troy Milkey
Abby Adams Janet Nichols Andrea Hayes
Alison Polidano  Veronica Grondona Ann Kovacs



The minutes were distributed at the meeting, in the meeting announcement and on the PTO website. A motion was made by Julie and seconded by Abby. Minutes approved.

Director’s reports– Al Waters

  • 1 year ago the end of school year audit (June 2017) the fund balance was 18% (~$534,000). Last May the school board after discussion with other similar Michigan school agencies with lower fund balances voted to reduce the fund balance to 9% in order to give the teachers a long overdue raise:  5% raise last year and a 2% raise this year.  This year after the audit the fund balance is likely to finish lower than expected between 2.5 -4%. This is a concern.
  • School Budget is distributed as follows: 55% of the operating budget goes to salaries,  30 % of the operating budget goes to benefits, then ~5% goes to contract services such as SLP, OT,ED psychologist  ( so salaries and benefits equals ~  90% of budget.) Supplies ~3% of the budget, remaining percentages are building/rent and software applications and other make up budget. ( Budget is on the website)
  • Al reported State funding has only increased 4% to schools since 2007 (more state money went into retirement system vs directly to the schools as 2 previous governors did not contribute any funds to teacher retirement system).
  • Lengthy discussion occurred as how/ why more money was spent than budgeted and could it have been anticipated before the vote to lower the fund balance last May to cover raises. Per Al and board member Andy, there was a ~$30,000 rent increase this year ( we will not have this next year), there was also a significant rise in special education needs for students this year ~ $70,000 (some of this money will be recouped from state but not until next year’s special education payment from the state). There were also unexpected legal fees regarding special education issue and legal cost and expenses around the air quality issues ~$30,000. These caused lower than normal dip into fund balance.  Discussion of funds brought in from the development officer. Development officer salary was ~1.5% of budget brought in revenue ~.5 %. We are likely walking away from grants through private foundations which take 2-3 years to get established which didn’t get awarded this year.
  • Parent Fernanda inquired about what materials the board has available that can be provided to give to local foundations information about the school before giving money to the school. This information is available in pamphlet form.
  • Additional discussion between parents present highlighting communication issues between the board, the foundation, and parents and obtaining important information.

School Board Report– Andy Sheibar participated in the above discussion and reported discussion continues between school and foundation board regarding budgeting donations for next year. The 2018-2019 budget will be voted upon at next board meeting.

HC Foundation Report– Justin Adams reported -Next meeting Monday 6/11/18 location is: 330 E Liberty time: 6pm-730 pm There will be discussion of  future fundraising and donations. All are welcome to attend, text Justin at 248-730-0557 to be buzzed into the building.  Justin expressed disappointment in the School Board of trustees email sent regarding decrease in Foundation donations being a main cause for the HC budget shortfall.

PTO Discussion:

  • PTO Board Transition: Danielle Terry will take over for Ann Kovacs starting this summer. A co-chair may also be needed
  • Erin heading up graduation. Needed a photographer which hopefully has been obtained.
  • PTO summer meeting by executive committee members in August or planning for next year
  • Roen Montalva set up summer meeting play dates on FB group Honey Creek gatherings. Erin Peterson heading up new parent ambassador program to help new families adjust to HC.
  • PTO meeting time for next year discussion. 2nd Fri of month 8 am is a preference of the group in attendance today.
  • Did committee head s get dates for events to Shellee re: 2018-19 events.  Did talent night get on calendar?
  • Discussion of positions to continue in roles next year.  Tom Kovacs will not be doing the garden coordination. PTO executive committee will ask current activity coordinators if they will continue in their rolls next school year.
  • Back to school picnic is Aug 29 Mill Pond Park. Date was unable to be moved earlier based on teacher and administration feedback.
  • Equity committee was approved by the school board is made up of 5 parents. They are looking for 4 teachers to join the committee to represent each grade level (K/1, 2/3, 4/5, MS). Represented today by Fernanda and Veronica, they are asking PTO for teachers’ stipend for time spent and participation in professional development that the Equity committee will arrange for free. The requested amount is $500/teacher on committee.  The committee might not have a stipend for all 4 teachers, so they’ll make it work with 2 teachers and try to disseminate the info to all other teachers. More information will be coming. PTO will review request when doing budget next year but may not be able to provide that whole amount.
  • Sports discussion: PTO will not be supporting a site leader for girls on the run next year. PTO will assist with school sponsor sport uniforms like MS cross country and MS Field hockey. Uniforms are kept by the coach and reused each year Rec and Ed sponsors K-5 sports programs. Discussion of Honey Creek Science Olympiad shirts are purchased by the families not the PTO at this time. The shirts are kept by families at this time which is different than the sports teams.

Teacher Liaison Report: no report

Treasurer update/Budget:

  • Bagels funds increased this year. Community rewards were not well publicized to the parents this year and were down: community rewards equals grocery stores such as Kroger, Busch’s, Arbor Farms, Plum Market all have a school donation program if you give them the school name or sign up online for their reward program money is donated to the school.
  • As of end of May Scrip was minus $300 (this does not include card inventory we currently have ~$2500) Scrip will be taken over by Sue Hofbauer next year for PTO and aftercare. She has the ability to serve all the families that use aftercare and selling Scrip different days and times which may generate more revenue. (If the program does not make money the PTO may move toward another revenue source in the future)

PTO Committee Reports:

  • Wellness: maturation bags were provided to all 4/5 students in the last 2 weeks. PE play day: popsicles were provided. Grace Kotre has taught mindfulness classes at all grade levels now.
  • STEM: fall festival is on the calendar for next year.
  • Arts : no report. Sherry reported there will likely be a stem component to talent night again.
  • Literacy : books available for kids for summer reading in the book boxes around school.
  • Room Parents : money in budget for room parents was helpful for those who might need it and would like to see it in the next year’s PTO budget. Lara Thomas is phasing out as MS room parent coordinator another MS parent should take on this role. If you are interested in being a room parent next year and have not already confirmed, please contact Abby Adams, rabigailadams@gmail.com, (734) 272-5553

Upcoming Events:

Graduation is Tuesday June 12, 5-7 pm

MS dance/8th grade graduation celebration for graduates and families, 7-8:30 pm

Last day of school Wed June 13, 8-12 noon

No further business was brought forward. Angie, motioned to adjourn and Andrea seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 3:37 pm. The next PTO meeting will be in September.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Kovacs

PTO Secretary


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