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What’s Happening in May

  • Bagel Day, every Friday morning!
  • Teacher Appreciation is the 1st week of May.
  • Friday, 05/06 is a half day. The HCCS and HP PTOs provide a Teacher Appreciation Lunch.
  • The PTO meeting is Friday, 05/13, at 8:30 AM.
  • WESO is Saturday, 05/14, at Pioneer High School.
  • The 21st Anniversary Celebration is Saturday, 05/21.
  • Memorial Day: 05/30; no school.
  • 8th grade field trip: 05/31-06/03.

Annotated Calendar Key


May Annnotated Calendar


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What’s Happening in April

  • Bagel Day, every Friday morning!
  • Spring Break: 04/04-04/08
  • The PTO meeting is Friday, 04/15, at 8:30 AM.
  • Earth Day: 04/22 (during the day)
  • STEM Fair: 04/22 (afternoon/evening)

Annotated Calendar Key

April Annotated Calendar (potential revision)


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What’s Happening in March

  • Please note that this year’s CPK Fundraiser is still under works. We’ll let you know as we have more information.
  • Don’t forget to fill Fruit Bowls. We’ve heard that some classes need more families to sign up and that their bowls have been empty.
  • March is Reading Month! The Literacy Committee has developed a Read-In, a Reading Month calendar, and a reading bingo.
  • The PTO Meeting during which we vote on the $20,000 General Fund Donation is Friday, 03/11.
  • Talent Night is also Friday, 03/11. PLEASE come, eat, watch, and volunteer!
  • Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, 03/13.
  • Free: Conscious Discipline Parenting Class, sponsored by the Wellness Committee, on Wed., March 16th, @ 6 P.M.   RSVP
  • We need food for the Teacher Potlucks, on the half-day conference days (03/17 & 03/24). Sign up here.



Annotated Calendar Key

March Annotated Calendar

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2016 Talent Night is Friday, March 11th at 5pm. Auditions are the week of February 8th.

Sponsored by the Arts Committee and the PTO, Talent Night is Honey Creek’s really big night… featuring a delicious dinner (5pm), an exhibition of student art, and- at 6pm – a very special student K-8 Talent Show (including dance, music, comedy + more!). With a little help from parents, Honey Creek Talent Night is entirely planned, produced & performed by Honey Creek kids and supports this year’s eighth-grade trip.

Also – back again! – the Middle School Second Act, a select showcase of talented middle school performers, appearing later in the show.

Visit the Talent Night Web page for regular updates + our comprehensive event FAQ.

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Things You Need to Know

  • Needed: PTO Co-Chair
  • 2015-2016 Proposed PTO Budget
  • Dish Donation Request
  • Room Parent Update (Needed: Technology Room Parent)
  • Classroom Email List Subscriptions
  • Teacher Potlucks, Class Potlucks, Fruit Bowls, & Signing Up for Events

Needed:  PTO Co-Chair

The PTO Co-Chair serves alongside the PTO Chair with the understanding that the Co-Chair will become the Chair in the following school year (2016-2017).
The time commitment is minimal:  be able to attend the monthly PTO Executive Committee meeting (first Friday of each month, 8:15 to 9:00 a.m.) and the monthly PTO Meeting (second Friday of each month, 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.) plus 1-3 hours per month of work beyond that.
Responsibilities:  Beyond attending the meetings and training to become Chair, the Co-Chair also writes the PTO update for the monthly Honey Creek update Honey Bunches of Notes.
Any questions?  Please contact Elka Francisco at

2015-2016 Proposed PTO Budget

During September’s PTO meeting, Mary, the treasurer, presented the 2015-2016 Proposed Budget. Per the PTO Bylaws, we will have a comment period on the budget proposal. We will vote on the budget during the October meeting. Please take a few minutes to review the proposal and let us know what you think (in the comments, by email, or in person).

Proposed Budget

2015-2016 Proposed PTO Budget

Dish Donation Request

At Honey Creek we try to be very environmentally friendly! We reuse paper, help keep up the trails in the woods, reuse craft supplies to make projects in classes, along with many other small things to help the environment.

To further this idea we are asking for donations of plates, bowls, glassware and silverware to be used at the grade level potlucks and for the teacher luncheons. We are hoping for enough settings to accommodate 40-50 people. These items will be kept at school for use when needed.

We are asking for dinner size plates, approximately 9” in diameter, cereal or soup bowls, glasses without handles (preferably without logos also) and teaspoons, forks and table knives. We would also accept donations of serving-ware 🙂

Please no plastic or melamine. All items need to be dishwasher safe and dishes need to be microwave safe.

If you have any extras of these items hanging around your home please drop them in the plastic bin by the front door by the end of school on the 16th (Wednesday).

Thank you for your help in keeping our paper product usage low!!

Room Parent Update (Needed: Technology Room Parent)

An up-to-date list of room parents is available under the Room Parents menu on this website.

Almost all classes have at least one room parent this year. (Thank you to all the volunteers!) We still need a room parent for Technology. If you’d like to learn more about what that involves, contact Lara Thomas (

Classroom Email List Subscriptions

Jessica P’Simer, Honey Creek’s technology teacher, has emailed instructions for signing up for class email lists. You need to follow those instructions and provide a bit of information in order to sign up for the lists. If you did not receive her email, please check your spam filters. Some families have reported that her message was sorted to the spam folder. If you do not see the message after you’ve checked your spam folder, please email Jessica. (See the HCCS Faculty/Staff page for contact information.)

Jessica’s message also included instructions for receiving alerts when school is closed. For more information on school closings, check the Parent Handbook (linked on the right sidebar of this webpage) and/or look at the PTO FAQ pages.

Teacher Potlucks, Class Potlucks, Fruit Bowls, & Signing Up for Events

The first Teacher Potluck of this school year is September 24th, which is also Curriculum Night. We hope to have a live sign-up for it soon. Once we do, you can find it on the Sign-Up page.

The dates for some of the class potlucks are already on the PTO Calendar. As additional dates are set, we will add them. You can subscribe to the calendar (as well as to the PTO page) to keep up-to-date on these types of events.

Similarly, links to Fruit Bowls will be posted on the Class Sign-Up page, as they’re submitted. You should receive most of the information from your room parents; this page is more of a one-stop back-up.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for any of this year’s events, please take a moment to do so. It makes planning the events much easier for our volunteers (as well as for teachers and staff– last minute scrambling for volunteers is stressful all the way around).

In particular, active planning is happening now for the Middle School Dance, the Walk-N-Run-A-Thon, and the Fall Festival.


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