Collecting Labels

Box Tops, Labels for Education, Tyson A+ and Terra Cycle offer a great way to get FREE money and supplies for our school. We earned over $950 during the 2013-2014 school year. Participating in the programs is easy — you don’t have to buy anything you wouldn’t normally buy. For Box Tops, Labels for Education (Campbell products), and Tyson foods, simply save proofs of purchase – see details below, and  drop them off in the collection container at Honey Creek (in the main building on the table near doorway to A-6).

We’re also continuing our recycling of drink pouches, tape cores, and healthy snack pouches through Terra Cycle. If you are collecting the pouches at home and are keeping them more than a few days, please make sure the juice/snack is emptied before putting them in the collection containers at Honey Creek (in the main building under the table near doorway to A-6). Special thanks to Mary’s class for taking on the collection of the drink pouches and Alexis’ class for taking on the collection of the healthy snack pouches!

We can collect all of these throughout the year, but there are interim deadlines in order for checks to be processed.

Here is some more information and links to the various programs.

Box Tops for Education

Each Box Top is worth 10¢ (and it really adds up fast!).

If you join Box Tops online, you can shop online and earn money (a percentage of purchases are donated), and you can enter the different bonus Box Tops sweepstakes to win cash for Honey Creek. Remember that Kleenex tissues (and other non-food items, in case you don’t normally buy Box Tops food items) has Box Tops, and classrooms can always use more tissues!

Tip: If you have time, trim neatly around the Box Top and make sure it has not expired (please discard expired Box Tops). Otherwise, our volunteers need to do the trimming themselves and checking for expired dates, before they submit the Box Tops for reimbursement. Of course, if you don’t have time, we’d rather have the untrimmed Box Top than none at all.

 Campbell’s Labels for Education

For Labels for Education, clip proof of purchase UPC codes (not just the logo of the program) and earn points that can be redeemed for school supplies. If you sign up to get information, you can also register different grocery store cards (such as Kroger) to receive additional points for products purchased when you scan your grocery store loyalty card at checkout.

Tyson Project A+

Simply Clip and save Tyson Project A+ labels from participating Tyson products. Each label is worth 24¢.


TerraCycle works to reduce landfill waste. TerraCycle programs include the:

  • Capri Sun™ and Honest Kids™ Drink Pouch Brigade™ (keeps drink pouches out of landfills and makes unique items for sale at various retailers)
  • Scotch Tape Brigade (keeps tape dispensers and cores out of landfills and recycles them for new Scotch tape products)
  • GoGo squeeZ™ Brigade (keeps healthy snack plastic pouches and caps out of landfills and recycles them for new products)

If anyone is interested in helping with any of these collections, please contact Ellen Meader ( We’ve been doing this for several years, and it’s a great service opportunity for families who have children who like to cut, count and organize things. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your continued support!


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