Snacks & Lunches

When and how long is snack?

  • K/1
  • 2/3
  • 4/5
  • Middle School– depending the teacher there is a small amount of time for snack or between classes.

What works best for snack foods?

  • easy to open– make sure to ask younger kids if they can open items (thermos, yogurt, etc.). There are lunch room helpers who can help but not all kids want to ask.
  • rules about health
  • easy to eat

What is the fruit bowl?

  • who fills it – parents take turns filling the bowl weekly.
  • where to sign up– each classroom Room Parent creates a Signup Genius list for parents to access
  • what foods work best– veggies and fruits that do not need to be cut up or refrigerated.
  • when can kids eat from it– that depends on the classroom.

How does lunch work?

  • where to find the menu
  • allergy safety
  • going through the lunchline
  • where to sit
  • cleaning the tables
  • going to recess after

What if my child forgets to bring her/his lunch or snack?

  • Each classroom usually has emergency snack items, provided by parents, if a child should forget his/her snack bag.
  • b
  • c

How are food allergies handled?

  • a
  • b
  • c

 Ideas from Honey Creek families:

  • We pack extra lunch to be eaten as a snack and leave a dry snack in the snack bin, fruit/veg bowl is for everyone so if he wants it to feel welcome to partake; pizza Wednesdays & bagels on Friday have become part of our routine.
  • x
  • x

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