Who’s Who & What They Do: Running the School

In the Office

In the Classrooms

  • http://honeycreekschool.org/who-are-we/the-honey-creek-team/facultystaff
  • Grade-level teachers work together to develop the curriculum.
  • K/1  students spent most of their time with their primary teacher and with all specials teachers except Technology.
  • 2/3 students may spend more time outside of their primary classroom. In 2/3, Technology and spelling classes are added.
  • 4/5 students have a clear primary teacher, but they rotate for subject areas.
  • Middle School students have a base teacher. They have a full block schedule, with changes between classes.

The School Board

What is it?

Honey Creek is a public, charter school that functions as a separate district from the Ann Arbor Public Schools. As such, Honey Creek has its own Board of Directors. This body is responsible for governance, ensuring the responsible financing of the school, and oversight of the academic program.

Who is on it?

Board members serve three years, are elected by the school community, and then appointed to the Board by the WISD. Based on the needs of the school, the Board is also able to appoint additional members with who can provide additional expertise The current Board has 9 members.
How does the Board fulfill its responsibilities? What does the Board do?

Most of the work is accomplished through the various board committees. Working committees include, Governance, Communications and Outreach and Finance. Other committees are formed on an ad hoc basis. Two board members also sit on the Honey Creek Community School Foundation Board.
Are the Board meetings open to the public?

Absolutely! All meetings are public, and every member of the community is invited to bring concerns directly to a board meeting or any board member as needed. The full board meets at Honey Creek monthly, usually in the evenings.


Honey Creek is chartered through the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD). We rent our space from the WISD, and we use WISD maintenance services.




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