K-8 Talent Show auditions

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MAR 1, 2016 9:02 AM

Talent Show auditions are done!

Thank you to all the students who auditioned for this year’s Talent Night!

It was a fantastic turn-out, with 60+ students showing up to perform.

Middle School Second Act update.
We are pleased to invite the following middle school acts to perform at this year’s Talent Night:

Caroline Andrews, Eli Atkinson,      “Synchronized Swimming on Land”
Kate Meader, Ana Morgan &               (Dance/Skit)
Hannah Smith

Izzy Ahbel-Rappe                                    “Welcome to New York” (Dance)

Max Ascani, Simon Cassell-Kelley,   “How to Keep a Wizard Out” (Skit)
Danny Osterholzer & Matthew

Cicely Karas & Kayden McKennet      “Suki Kirai (Vocaloid)” (Singing)

Robbie Oates                                             “Busy Blues” (Cello)

Thank you to all the middle school students who auditioned! Fyi, these results are also posted on the wall by the front lobby & in the modulars.

Note to parents of ALL students in the show:
Check your email this week for a confirmation about your student’s act.  We had a large turnout this year.  In the interest of keeping our show length from resembling last weekend’s Oscar ceremony :)…. we will be contacting some of you about tightening/shortening your student’s act. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we tweak the running time to make a great show.  Due to time restrictions, we are unable to schedule additional auditions, sorry!

JANUARY 12, 2016 12:04 PM

2016 Talent Night auditions will be held:

K-1  Wed, Feb 10           6-8  Thurs, Feb 11
4-5  Wed, Feb 10           2-3  Fri, Feb 12

When: During lunch!    Where: The Pit (meeting room near the front lobby)

NOTE: Due to the snow, K-8 makeup auditions have been rescheduled for Monday, 2/29.

New this year!  Watch the Talent Night audition guide for rules and audition tips:

[Download audition form.]

What if my child misses their audition?  One K-8 makeup audition will be held on Mon., February 29 (again, in the Pit during lunch) for students who miss their above audition slot due to inclement weather or absence.

What should my child bring to auditions?  Be sure your child brings their COMPLETED audition form. Also – if the act requires pre-recorded music, please email us a music file before your child’s audition. That’s right, before. [Find helpful info on getting music files to us in the Talent Night FAQ.]  We cannot guarantee a performance slot to students who do not complete these steps on-time.

Be sure your child packs all items they need.  This includes instrument, sheet music, lyrics, dance shoes, props, etc… costumes/stage outfits are NOT necessary for auditions.

And don’t forget to rehearse!

Acts don’t need to be perfect for auditions. But students should come prepared, with a clear idea of what they’ll be doing – and the ability to demonstrate it.  More performer tips here.

Want to know act length, music requirements, etc?  Please review the Talent Night FAQ.

  • Have you read the FAQ yet?  It’s a must-read – learn important details about auditions & the show here.
  • Got a question?  Contact us!


HOMEabout  |  art exhibition  |  meal  |  audition  .  faq  .  star tips  |  ads/sponsors  .  shout out  |  volunteer contact


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