Tips for the stars…

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Talent Night is coming soon.

We’re sure that your kids have been practicing like crazy to perfect their talents… right?

Proper mic technique is a must!

If not, here are some tips for a knock-out performance:

  • We want to encourage you to support your child (and the audience) 🙂 by making sure that they practice their act.  This weekend is a terrific time to do it.
  •  Please remind performers to speak clearly, to know their material, to make eye contact with the crowd (for singers, comedians, etc.) and to have fun (and smile!).  You might also help them pick out a special outfit to wear onstage. And remember – it really is helpful for young performers to practice in front of their families.
  • Proper mic technique is important.  Make sure to keep your mouth “on mic” – about four finger-lengths away is perfect (give or take – you don’t have to be exact!).  But never tap on the mic (or blow into it) – it can make a loud sound that annoys the audience!
  • If your child is singing along to a karaoke (no-vocal instrumental music) recording of a song, make sure they know when to start singing. Remember, in this case, there will be no vocal cue to follow along with. They will have to be their own Barry Manilow or Taylor Swift. Practicing is key.
  •  Help your child understand that a few extra rehearsals at home can make the difference between a rough act and a polished performance.
  • And lastly… every once in a while, a child does get cold feet.  Although we hope you’ll encourage your child to still perform, we understand this isn’t always possible.  If your child does change their mind about performing (after auditioning), please let us know at the earliest opportunity.  Thanks!

Talent Night is Friday, March 11th.
See you at the show!



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