Mabel’s Labels

Every year the Honey Creek lost and found becomes filled with items left behind by our students.  Really nice things, things that likely cost their parents quite a bit of cash.  Then several times a year staff loads up the the lost items (frequently taking multiple vehicles or trips) and donates them to local charities.  Last year one of the K/1 classes  did an academic service learning project to try and get students to label their things and reduce the size of the lost and found.  Lost items which are labeled will be given back to the student or placed in their lockers so they do not end up unclaimed in the lost and found.    In order to help kids keep track of their things, save parents’ money, and  decrease the time and energy our staff spends on managing the lost and found the PTO is offering a fundraiser through Mabel’s Labels.

Mabel’s Labels is a company that sells personalized, waterproof labels to stick on all of your child’s belongings.  The labels are dishwasher, washing machine, and microwave safe. Through our fundraiser you can purchase their items at the normal retail price but 20% of the purchase price will come back to Honey Creek PTO.  You are able to order and personalize the items through our fundraising website  and then they are shipped directly to your home.  Standard shipping is free.  This fundraiser website can also be shared with any family and friends who may be interested in purchasing the labels.  This fundraiser will run from now until March 31, 2014.  You are able to order their products whenever during this time frame. The products will be shipped when they are ordered so you do not need to wait until the end of the fundraiser to receive your labels.  Please note that Mabel’s Labels is a Canadian company and your credit card company may charge an international transaction fee.  Typically this fee is a small percentage of the total purchase but varies depending on your credit card. Our card was charged 1% of our total purchase.

We have been using these labels for about a year and they really are a great product. They are durable and they stay put on items and clothing.  The tag mates are small enough to stick on a clothing label.  Along with labels on jackets and lunch box food containers I have labels on my kids’ goggles and crocs.  They have remained affixed through lakes, pools, mud puddles, and days of sweaty feet.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I have also attached a sheet describing the company and the fundraiser.

The PTO hopes that this fundraiser provides you with  products that are useful and that help keep our school tidy.  As all school budgets become tighter the PTO strives to continue funding the great programs offered at Honey Creek and support our fantastic staff.  Thank you for your continual support of our great school.

Mom of LM in 2/3

Once again the website is



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