What is SCRIP?

Thank you for supporting our SCRIP program – it is such a painless way to raise funds for our school and PTO without you needing to spend an extra penny. For the 2013-2014 school year, SCRIP and store Rewards Programs brought in more than $3000, which is approximately 9% of the PTO’s income.

Scrip works a bit like gift cards. You purchase a card, and it works like a credit or bank card at the store (or gas station). You get the face value of the card; in other words, you get what you paid for the card. The company donates a percentage of what you spend to the PTO.

We are transitioning to primarily online sales of SCRIP. As in-stock cards start to run out please set up an online account to continue using scrip to support Honey Creek. To set up an online account with  use the enrollment code for Honey Creek…  EL352D2L287.  There are many different cards available.

What are Rewards Programs?

Rewards Programs are slightly different from SCRIP.

  • For Kroger, just obtain your Kroger Plus card from the Kroger Service desk (if you already have one you can use that one- no need to obtain a new one), then enroll in their Community Rewards Program online. Select Honey Creek Community school from the list of schools. You will need to re-enroll each year. This program gives 1% back to the school.
  • Meijer runs a similar program, and you will need a Meijer 1 card. If you don’t already have a Meijer 1 Card  you can apply in store, online, or call 1-800-962-7011. Once you have the card you can link it to Honey Creek by using the school number 599628. This card gives 0.5% back with cash or pin-debit card purchases and 1% with Meijer Credit card purchases. No money comes back to the school if you are paying with a non-Meijer credit card.
  • Arbor Farms and Busch’s have Recharge cards, which work like regular Scrip, but can be refilled (instead of having to get a new card). You can buy cards for Arbor Farms at the scrip table ($20) and then refill them at the store.
  • We also have cards for Busch’s that have a zero starting balance. Busch’s cards need to be linked to a MyWay Account online. Pick Honey Creek from the Cash for Education school list.

When and Where are SCRIP Sales?

  • Wednesday mornings in the school lobby, 7:45 – 8:15
  • Friday mornings at Bagel Sales, in the Cafetorium, 7:45 – 8:00
  • To order scrip, you can e-mail us, visit us at the SCRIP table on Wednesday and Friday mornings, or order online at At the website you can see the full selection of SCRIP cards available.

What Cards Can I Buy?

There are too many retailers to list here. You can view a PDF of the complete directory.

What Forms of Payment Can I Use?

You can pay by either cash or check at the in-person sales. Online, payments are accepted through Shop with Scrip’s Presto Pay service.

Using Online SCRIP

The Advantages:  For those of you who don’t always have time to pick up scrip at the bagel sales or remember to order in time for the monthly order, it’s easy to support Honey Creek PTO while buying the things you’d normally be buying anyway–on your own schedule.  Better still, it gives you access to features like Reload, which allows you to register and reload many of the scrip cards you’ve already purchased, and ScripNow!, which allows you to purchase scrip that you can download and use within an hour.  I don’t know about you, but I often make purchases of things from places like Home Depot or Amazon spur of the moment.  Waiting to order scrip and have it arrive just doesn’t make it when you have some unexpected home repairs or you want to send a gift card right away for an almost forgotten birthday.  Finally, I can reload my scrip cards or purchase ScripNow! all summer long instead of having to be organized enough to plan out my scrip usage for the summer and order it by the final scrip order in June.


When and Where to Pick Up My Order:

To help keep the online ordering on a regular schedule we will be placing orders on the second Friday of every month. The orders will be ready for delivery early the next week.

Create an Account:

  • Go to
  • Register for their PrestoPay system.  (Great Lakes SCRIP does not accept Credit or Debit Cards due to the high fees associated with their use. This lets them keep costs down, ensuring that participating organizations earn the highest possible rebates.)
  • Confirm PrestoPay activation.

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