Talent Night Frequently Asked Questions

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[To learn about the Talent Night Student Art Exhibition, go here.]

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Auditions, performing & show line-up
Music – at auditions & the show
Art Exhibition & Dinner
Volunteering & more


1) What is Talent Night – and when is it happening? Talent Night is an evening of K-8 student talent that includes a complete talent show, yummy dinner and student art exhibition. With a little help from parents, Honey Creek Talent Night is entirely planned, produced & performed by Honey Creek kids and also supports this year’s eighth-grade trip.  Talent Night is scheduled for Friday, March 11th.  The meal and student art exhibition starts at 5pm; the talent show begins at 6pm sharp.  Find out more here.

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Auditions, performing & show line-up

2) What kinds of acts have performed in past talent shows? Music, singing, dancing, comedy, skits, magic, hula hooping, gymnastics, yo-yoing, spoken word and more!

3) How long can an act be? In the interest of giving everyone a chance (and keeping the show a manageable length), no more than about 3 minutes please.  Acts should not be too short — no shorter than 30 seconds, please.  Additionally – for acts performing music, please limit your act to one song.  Depending on overall student turn-out at auditions, we may ask some students to shorten &/or tweak their acts in order to keep the show from running long.

4) How many acts can a student be in? Each student may appear in ONE act. Due to Honey Creek’s growth, our K-8 talent show has grown, too. To keep the show from running too long, by parental request we’re limiting performers to one onstage appearance. (There is one minor exception to this – students taking part in an organized school performance at Talent Night may audition for their own regular spot in the show, if they so choose.  In the past, this has included members of the Honey Creek Dance troupe and the school’s Aerial Silks team.)

5) What are the chances of my K-5 student being in the actual show? K-5 students will audition for a team of trained 6-8th graders. In the spirit of inclusiveness, we aim to allow any K-5 student who auditions to perform in the show. However, students must be fully prepared to demonstrate their act at the audition (it need not be perfect) and must present a completed audition form at that time (and MP3 file, if needed – see 7 below). Due to Honey Creek’s growth, we cannot guarantee a spot for performers who do not complete these steps on time.

6) What about middle school performers? Are their auditions different? Like last year, 6-8th grade students will audition for adult Arts volunteers who will choose a select group to appear in the show. Performers will be chosen based on quality, creativity and preparedness. Those selected will perform in the Middle School Second Act (occurring later in the show). This approach helps enhance 6-8th grade participation, as interested middle schoolers have expressed their eagerness for a higher stakes audition experience that isn’t a guaranteed “in.”

7) When are auditions? And why are they required?  Auditions are held according to the schedule here, including a K-8 make-up date reserved for students who are absent on their assigned audition date.  Auditions are a necessary step to our planning.  They are also used as performance workshops help ensure all students have a good experience at the show.  Due to time restrictions, we are unable to schedule additional auditions.

8) Any additional tips for young performers?  Yes, check them out here.

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Music – at auditions & the show

9) Our act uses pre-recorded music. How & when do we get this music to you? We need a music file (such as an MP3, M4A, etc.) emailed to honeycreek@email.com BEFORE YOUR CHILD’S AUDITION. That’s right, before.  There are several easy ways to get a music file:

  • Purchase the MP3.
    MP3s can be purchased from Amazon and iTunes, usually for a dollar or two.  Both Amazon and iTunes also sell special karaoke versions (no vocals) of many popular songs.
  • Make an MP3 from your own CD.
    Use your computer to convert a CD track to an MP3 file.  There are several free software programs that do this, including FreeRip (PC) and iTunes (Mac/PC).
  • Find a karaoke version on Youtube.
    Google’s You Tube service hosts many well-produced karaoke versions of popular songs.  Many of these videos include sing-a-long lyrics, so they are ideal for practicing. Find one you like & use this free service to convert to an MP3 file.
  • Or ask us to find one for you.
    We’ll purchase or convert MP3s for you for $5 per song (profits support this year’s eighth-grade trip).  Email us ASAP if you’re interested.

But don’t forget to read the next item (10 below)…!

10) Can my student sing along to someone else’s recorded vocals? No. Like last year, we are requiring all singers using backing music to use a “no-vocal” (karaoke) version so the audience can best hear performers’ own wonderful voices. (We can acquire no-vocal MP3s for you; see item 9 above.)

11) Can my student perform while accompanied by a parent or other family member (for example, can I play guitar while my child sings)?  Similarly – can my student be accompanied by a music teacher or other instructor?  Yes.  Please indicate this clearly on your audition form (including the full name of the additional performer).

12) Will there be a piano available at the auditions?  How about at the show?  Yes to both!

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Advertising / Sponsorship

13) Can I advertise my (consulting firm/dentist office/family business/chicken farm) in the Talent Night Program?  Yes! There are several advertising and sponsorship options, including very affordable rates for business card placement. Visit  Advertising and Sponsorship to find out more.

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Art Exhibition & Dinner

14) How can I find out more about the Student Art Exhibition?  Go here.

15) What’s for dinner this year? The menu will be posted here when announced (usually a couple weeks in advance.)

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Volunteering & more

16) How can I help out at Talent Night?  Visit our Volunteer page & look for the sign-up link.

17) How can I find out more about Talent Night? Explore this Web siteOr contact us with your questions.

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