Honey Creek Email FAQ

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Faculty/staff email directory
Internal organization (PTO, etc.) email directory
Honey Creek group email directory (classroom email addresses, etc.)
Room parent directory

1) Where can I find email addresses for teachers and staff?

Visit Honey Creek’s Faculty/Staff page for a complete directory.

2) Is there a directory of parent/family email addresses?

Yes, email addresses for all participating parent/guardians are included in Honey Creek’s Student & Family Directory.  An updated version of this directory will be emailed to you 2-3 times each school year (for privacy reasons, it is not posted online).  A copy can also be requested from Karen Giltrow [734-994-2636, ext. 2510; email].

3) Is there an email directory for Honey Creek’s internal organizations and committees?

Yes.  Find it here – including email links for the school board, PTO and its various subcommittees (Arts, STEM, etc).

4) How do I contact the room parent for my child’s class?

Visit the Room Parent page for a complete directory.  Room parents are a great resource – they help coordinate classroom supplies, fruit bowls, field trip chaperones, and can often answer questions about your student’s class.

5) Is there an easy way to email a group of teachers by grade? For example, I’d like to send a note about my daughter to all of her 4-5 teachers.

Yes.  Visit Honey Creek’s comprehensive directory of Group Email addresses to find the appropriate email link.

6) How can I email the entire Honey Creek community (parents, teachers, etc.)? I’m helping to promote Honey Creek’s Fall Festival and want to send out an announcement.

Use the ALL COMMUNITY email link – find it on the Group Email Directory.  The ALL COMMUNITY email can also be useful when trying to track down a lost cell phone; finding volunteers for school events; arranging a last-minute car pool; etc.

7) Can I easily email just the parents of my son’s classmates — but not his teacher?  We’re organizing a teacher gift and would like it to be a surprise.

Yes.  Honey Creek’s Group Email Directory includes several options for targeting emails so that they only reach the desired group of recipients.

8) Can I email just the 6-8 grade parents and teachers?  I’m helping to promote the middle school dance, and don’t need to contact parents of younger children.

Yes.  Consult Honey Creek’s Group Email Directory for a complete list of email links for targeting emails to desired classes, grade levels, etc.

9) I have a new email address.  How do I tell Honey Creek?

Contact the Room Parent for your student’s class.  If you have more than one child, be sure to contact each student’s Room Parent separately.

10) Any other tips on minimizing email clutter?

Honey Creek encourages all community members to utilize email technology to communicate regularly and responsibly.  When sending out public emails to multiple people, be sure to use the Group Email address that best matches your desired recipients.  This will ensure that you reach the people you want, while reducing extra emails for everyone else. Also, use a clear and specific subject heading – this helps everyone manage their in-boxes efficiently.

11) What kinds of emails can I expect to regularly receive as a Honey Creek community member?

Typical emails include Honey Creek event reminders; updates on fundraising efforts; monthly lunchroom menus; weekly aftercare schedules; PTO and school board meeting announcements; invitations to volunteer (and thank yous!); and announcements of weather-related school closings.

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