Honey Creek Social Media FAQ

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1) Is there a Facebook page for Honey Creek families?

Yes.  The Honey Creek Gatherings Facebook page is an active social media destination for Honey Creek families and community members.

2) How do I join the Honey Creek Gatherings Facebook page?

To preserve privacy, Honey Creek Gatherings is a “closed” Facebook group.  Honey Creek community members may join the group by visiting the page and click JOIN. Typically, your membership will be approved within 24 hours.  A current Facebook account is required.

3) Who can post to Honey Creek Gatherings?

All posts and replies are created by Honey Creek community members (typically parents and family members).  Like most Facebook pages, members can create their own posts and/or reply to existing posts.

4) Tell me more about the Honey Creek Gatherings Facebook page.

Originally created to help families plan after-school meet-ups, Honey Creek Gatherings has grown to 100+ community members and is often filled with lively conversation. Posts to the page now include updates about PTO events; fundraising news; volunteer opportunities (plus pictures of completed projects); and info about upcoming school board elections — as well as ongoing notices about play dates and after-school get-togethers.

5) What other sorts of information have been shared on Honey Creek Gatherings?

Community members have posted about upcoming arts events; sporting activities; youth theater audition notices; camp recommendations; “freecycle”-style giveaways of unneeded household items; links to timely education news; and have even organized a Honey Creek bicycling group.

6) Are there any other Facebook pages serving Honey Creek?

Yes.  There are five additional Honey Creek-related Facebook pages.  These tend to be less active than Honey Creek Gatherings, as they serve more specific purposes.  They are:

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You can also:


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