Rescheduled PTO meeting

Due to the snow day on Feb 9th and day off Feb 16th the PTO meeting has been rescheduled for this Friday Feb 23rd at 8 am. Please join us to discuss upcoming events.


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Feb 9th PTO meeting

Since we did not get to do a morning meeting in January. We will be having the PTO meeting in the PIT 2/9/18 at 8 am in the PIT. Please join us if you are able.

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No make up meeting due to snow day

The January 12 PTO meeting that was cancelled due to the snow day will not be rescheduled. We will proceed with our February 9th meeting. Thank you.

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Meeting time change

The January 12, 2018 PTO meeting with be at 8 am after school drop off. Please email for more information. Thank you.

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December PTO minutes

The minutes will be reviewed and approved at the January 2018 meeting.

December Minutes of the Monthly meeting of the Honey Creek Community School PTO

Date 12/18/17

Location: Pit

Alison acted as chairperson, and Ann acted as secretary of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at 2:25 pm

The secretary announced that the meeting was held pursuant to notice properly given and there was a quorum as represented by the following attendees:

Present in person:

Bridget Carr Troy Milkey
Ann Kovacs  Jeannie Crayne
Janet Nichols
Alison Polidano



The November minutes were distributed at the meeting, in the meeting announcement and on the PTO website. A motion was made by Alison and seconded by Janet.  Minutes adopted.

Director’s reports– Al Waters via email. Michigan Department of Education is again changing the M-Step test to reduce time required for testing, removing performance tasks, and adding machine scoring items to replace the written responses. Additionally, grades three through eight will take a benchmark assessment in ELA and Mathematics two or three times per year. The state will provide an approved list of vendors for the benchmark assessments later in the spring.

School Board Report– Bridgette Carr in person representing the school board: First reading of 2018-19 school budget occurred in November. The budget will be reviewed again in December for the required second reading. This budget includes a line item for an additional administrator to reduce workload on Al as well as learn the Honey Creek System in 2018-19 year. If approved this would cause the fund balance to be just under 9%. Additional discussion and vote on budget will take place at the next board meeting: December 20 th 5:30pm here at school.  The school board is looking at the above in many ways: reducing work load on Al and Shellee, succession planning for when Al/Shellee retire, risks of reducing fund balance. If approved 3 administrators would be on staff for a period of time but discussion will continue at the December meeting. To review: Al’s role is superintendent, central office staff and HR, principal, and curriculum support for teachers. Shellee’s role is payroll, budgeting, grants/funding. They may also have additional roles and responsibilities not discussed.

HC Foundation Report– email Sarah Brintnall: Thank you to all who made donations on #GivingTuesday. We were able to exceed our goal of raising $1,000 which was generously matched by the Gates Foundation. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible and may be made online via our website or by check via the Foundation mailbox located in the school office. The next Foundation Board meeting will take place at 6:00pm on January 8th. All are welcome to join us. If you have any questions about what the Foundation does or would like to join us on the 8th, please email:


  • Open positions on PTO: PTO secretary position needs to be filled. Are there any parents available to fill this role? An assistant for Scrip sales to Sandi is needed to learn the role as her daughter will graduate June 2019 and it would be helpful to work together for 1 ½ years. Did we get graduation coordinators? Executive committee will look into this.
  • Website info: updating PTO website to make it committee emails vs personal emails and updating privacy. Discussed need for public PTO website with a secure area for parents to find info or a link to the secure info via the school website. Bridgette reported that the school board has to update school website to make ADA compliant. Communication between different school entities need to be better to make sure we are using our people resources properly.
  • Question brought forth from committee members relating to changing PTO meeting time back to Friday morning to facilitate increased presence of members. There have been new faces in the afternoon meetings but the committee chairs have been unable to make PTO meetings. Discussion of switching meetings on alternating months to see if we can still get new participants from the community at large. Alison will email committee heads to see if more were available to attend January 12 th meeting to 8 am. If we move the meeting next month, Ann will contact someone to change the school calendar on the website and Alexa who writes the meeting in on the K1 packet/calendar in addition to the community.

Teacher Liaison Report: Jeannie Crayne in person: Thank you again for the money for supplies/classroom updates items are being delivered and put to use. Alison asked if Jeannie could ask teacher who communicate with parents daily any potential parents for the open PTO positions listed above.

Budget: Janet Nichols in person. The budget is doing well. WNRAT funds collected equal $6000, still waiting for 10 % more pledges to be returned. Paypal use for bagels is going well. Working on a way to use Paypal for Scrip purchases, there is a 4% fee that parents would pay for their purchase to use paypal.

PTO Committee Reports :

  • Wellness: email from Julie De Jong: The Wellness Committee’s mindfulness offerings continue to grow! So far this year, all 2/3 students, some K/1 students, and two groups of middle school students have received mindfulness training in the classroom. Ten interested teachers and classroom support staff are being trained in mindfulness fundamentals. On Dec. 1st, Grace Helms Kotre offered a one-hour “Intro to Mindfulness” presentation for interested parents. The group discussed how mindfulness can be useful for children and parents, strategies for stress-relief and focusing, and ideas for future mindfulness offerings for our community. We are going to pick a few books we’d like to read and discuss as a parent group over the year. We met in November to informally discuss Part 1 of the Middle School Makeover by Michelle Icard. We’re planning to meet at Panera Bread on Jackson Rd. on Wednesday, January 17, at 7:30PM, to discuss Part 2. We hope that many of you can join us – it isn’t necessary to have read the book, in order to contribute to the discussion! We welcome book suggestions for discussion in future months as well.
  • STEM: email from Sherry Mac Kay STEM committee is focused on supporting the WESO (Science Olympiad). Sara Brintnall is the Coordinator and will be scheduling Parent Information session in early January.  We are also developing plans for STEM additions to the school gardens, which we will coordinate with Wellness committee. STEM and Arts committees will remain separate theme committees as before.
  • Arts : email from Chris Untalan: We met with Garry Klink to discuss some of his ideas for the music program and we offered our assistance (both limited financial and physical). He has since submitted a “wish list” comprised of instruments, and other materials he feels would supplement the program. The arts committee will meet later this month to discuss the list and decide which items we can assist with. Lunch with an expert (co-organized by STEM and Arts) continues to be going well. Bruce Worden (arts committee and presentation coordinator) reported that presenter slots filled right away with only one slot remaining open. Bruce also reported that this has been received very well as attendance for the presentations have been high.
  • Literacy : no updates
  • Spirit Wear email from Abby Adams: This year we sold more items but made a little less profit because prices on certain items (for example zippered sweatshirts cost more than pullovers but were priced the same as last year). Some cross country runners bought shorts to supplement their cross country uniforms. Spirit wear made $750 for the school HC foundation.
  • Room Parents: holiday collection continues over next 2 bagel Fridays ( last day 12/15/17).

Upcoming Events:

No further business was brought forward. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Alison and seconded by Janet. The meeting was adjourned at 3:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Kovacs

PTO Secretary

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