School Cancellations & Communications

How will I know if school is cancelled? What might cause school to be canceled?

  • When school is cancelled, you will be notified by email. Honey Creek also uses the service Remind (formerly Remind101) to notify the community via text message. If you would like to receive text notifications of school closings, please use the link below and follow the instructions on the page. If you have subscribed to text notifications in prior years, you do not have to sign up again.

    Sign up to receive Remind texts for school closings

    School closing notices are also be posted on the school website; and notice is sent to local television, radio, and internet news media.

  • School is most frequently cancelled due to weather (bad road conditions, very heavy snow expected, or extreme cold). Keep in mind that Honey Creek families are from all of Washtenaw County, so the people who decide have to look at both the conditions near the school and the conditions for families driving in.
  • School could also be cancelled due to a power outage or building problem (ex.: pipes issue). Also, hot lunch is provided by Dexter Food Services; so when Dexter schools are closed, Honey Creek decision-makers must have an alternate plan for students who rely on hot lunch.

How is information shared around the school?

  • School-wide Information is primarily shared by email and in the school newsletter.
  • Information on what’s happening in your child’s class can be found in class newsletters (K/1 is paper and online; 2-8 is primarily online) and in planners (except for K/1). Teachers and room parents may also email the class to discuss upcoming events.
  • You can always request paper copies of communications from Karen Giltrow and/or from your child’s teacher.
  • Information on what school support organizations (e.g., PTO and the Foundation) are doing can be found on their websites. You may also receive emails. See our Web FAQs
  • There are bulletin boards around the school (though primarily in the corridor extending from the office into A-wing) that provide information on various groups and their activities.
  • The school does not have an official presence on social media. However, the PTO, the Foundation, and several parent-driven social groups are active. See our Social Media FAQs.

Who are all of these groups sending me emails?

  • Honey Creek Community School — Includes all teachers and administrative and support staff
  • Honey Creek Community School Board — Is responsible for overseeing the school. Committees include Governance and Outreach & Communications. Members are elected.
  • Honey Creek Community School Foundation –Raises funds and makes connections in support of the school. Members are elected.
  • Honey Creek Parent Teacher Organization — Organizes community and enrichment events. Committees include Arts, Literacy, STEM, Wellness, and Executive. Fundraises to support its programs.

Tips for managing Honey Creek emails?

  • Set up filters/labels.
  • Consider receiving a daily digest.
  • Email FAQs

How do I find out what’s happening?

  • In my child’s class — See Homework FAQs
  • In other classes — Read the school newsletter and take a look at the Current Families pages.
  • Around school — Read your emails; read the school newsletter; check the Current Families HCCS website as well as the PTO website; check bulletin boards. (Although bulletin boards tend not to be updates as frequently as online sources.)

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