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PTO Events

The PTO sponsors several events during the school year– approximately one per month. In the past, we’ve asked families to sign up at the Welcome Back Picnic. Some people signed up, but many waited until just before the event. So, we sent you emails. Lots of emails.

This year, we’re asking you to sign up early. Go to our

2016-2017 Full-Year Event Sign-Up

and pick at least TWO events.

What are the events? Learn more on the Honey Creek website.

Once we start planning for the event, we’ll contact the people who signed up early. They’ll get first choice for event jobs. Approximately 2 weeks before the event happens, the sign-up will be opened to everyone.

Current event-specific sign-ups:


Apple Helpers

Traditionally, the Wellness Committee at Honey Creek has organized a schedule for parents — fondly known as the Apple Helpers — to help our youngest children with lunches. Help is needed from 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM for the first two weeks of school. Many children have never unpacked their own lunch bag, opened containers, etc., and it is very comforting to have a parent there to help in the first days.
We only need one person each day, so if you can be at school between 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM for even one day, it would be greatly appreciated. Please sign up at:

Online SCRIP Orders

Scrip cards are sold in-person and online. In-person sales are Wednesday mornings in

the school lobby and Friday mornings during Bagel Sales, in the Cafetorium.

You can shop in person at your leisure, you can pre-order cards from our weekly stock, to be packaged and ready for you to pick up Wednesday or Friday morning, or you can order cards at your leisure from the bigger online stock. All orders are distributed by the SCRIP Coordinator.

Teacher Potlucks

Curriculum Nights and Parent/Teacher Conference Days are very busy for our teachers. Between set-up and the actual event, there is very little time to grab a bite to eat. Help us say “thank you” and brighten their day by providing a delicious lunch.

  • September  (Curriculum Night)
  • October  &  **  (Fall Conferences)
  • January   (Curriculum Celebration)
  • March  &  **  (Spring Conferences)
  • May  (Curriculum Celebration)

**Catered Lunch for 2nd Conference Day: Many of you really loved being able to donate SCRIP cards to purchase a catered lunch for our teachers last Spring and asked if we could do that again.  Sure!  They loved it!  Please just drop off your cash donation or SCRIP gift certificate to Karen in the office. We will purchase SCRIP cards so we can spoil our teachers while also raising funds!


How Much Food Do We Need? We are providing food for about 22 people .

Where to Deliver Your Dish?  Please deliver your dish prior to the start of the potluck to the Hall Conference Room (around the corner from the office). If you need to drop it off earlier, please label it “Teacher Potluck” and place it in the refrigerator in the Staff Lounge or leave it in the Hall Conference Room. Thank you!

How to Label Your Dish? Please label your dish with your name and any foods that some may not be able to eat (nuts, dairy, gluten, meat, etc.). Thank you to our wonderful community for your support of our teachers!

Donate Disposable Containers: We will be sending leftovers home with our teachers, so if you have any extra “disposable” containers (Ziploc or Glad brand plastic containers) that you wouldn’t mind sending in, we will put them to good use. Please leave them in the Hall Conference Room on Friday.

2 responses to “Sign Up

  1. Ilia Mantle

    Is there a sign up genius list for people interested in donating food for teachers on curriculum night?


    • Thanks for asking. The potluck coordinators are in the process of updating last year’s lists, for this year. I’ll add the links as soon as I have them, and someone will send out a notification.


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