What is a Walk-N-Run-A-Thon?

The Walk-N-Run-A-Thon is a fundraising method where participants collect pledges before the event. Pledges can be made on a per lap basis or as a preset amount for participation. On the day of the Walk-N-Run-A-Thon, participants run or walk around a track as many times as they can, taking breaks as necessary. In the days following the event, pledge money is collected and turned into the PTO to be put to good use at our school. Please see the pledge sheet for additional details on the pledge process.

Why a Walk-N-Run-A-Thon?

The goal of the Honey Creek Walk-N-Run-A-Thon is to raise a large amount of money, in one day, to help fund PTO expenditures. Students, families, friends and members of the community come together to participate in a fun event that promotes physical activity and camaraderie. A high level of student involvement allows them to take pride in raising money for their school without having to sell pizza kits, magazine subscriptions, etc.

What will the proceeds of the event fund?

In addition to financing annual PTO expenditures (special after school events, theme committees, classroom supplies, etc.), money raised will help create outdoor educational and physical activities for each grade level to use.

Where is the Walk-N-Run-A-Thon?

The Walk-N-Run-A-Thon will be held on the Honey Creek grounds, using the field hockey/soccer fields (next to the big red barn) as a track. The distance around the track is one fifth of a mile. Access to the school building for use of the restrooms and shelter in case of severe weather is available. A water station will be set up track side to keep participants hydrated and healthy snacks will be available.

How can I help with the Walk-N-Run-A-Thon?

First, please encourage your student(s) to participate in the fundraiser and help them fill up those pledge sheets with sponsors. If you can’t make it to the event, please consider sponsoring another participant. Second, this event will require volunteers, only on the day of the event, to help it run smoothly. Please utilize the PTO’s master SignUpGenius and note the hours you plan to assist.

Are there incentives for the student to participate?

Yes!  Each participant will receive a personalized medal created specifically for this event upon completion of the number of laps outlined below.  There is also a 10 Mile Club t-shirt for those who complete 10 miles at the Walk-N-Run-A-Thon.  ***This was modified in 2014.  The track was previously about 0.18 miles and will be 0.2 miles going forward.***

  • K/1    :                      7 Laps
  • 2/3    :                     11 Laps
  • 4/5   :                      15 Laps
  • Middle School :       20 Laps
  • 10 Mile Club :         50 Laps

The financial success of this event is largely based on participation, so our goal is to have over 60% of the students take part in the event.

Will my student have enough time to complete all those laps?

The track will be open for 7 hours, so those who want to complete the 10 miles should have enough time to do so at a leisurely pace. Laps do not have to be completed all at once. If you need to leave and come back due to previous commitments, please do so. Students may be dropped off at the track if both adults and children are comfortable with this arrangement. There will be a sheet at the registration desk for you to leave your name, the student name and an emergency contact number. Please sign your student in and out so we know everyone is accounted for.

Will medals and t-shirts be handed out at the Walk-N-Run-A-Thon?

Due to the personalization of the medals and the sizing of shirts, all awards will be given out in the weeks following the event, after the pledged money has been collected.

What happens if it rains?

This event will take place rain or shine. The fields and building have to be reserved well in advance, so there is not an option to reschedule the event due to inclement weather. There will be outdoor and indoor shelter available if necessary.

For more information or to be involved, please contact
Angie Tracey <angie.hccs@gmail.com>.

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